Last year, I was designing my first pair of toe up socks. I had knitted a few pairs, + I felt like I was ready to take up the challenge of designing one myself. A few inches into the first sock, I stopped + wondered, “Do I know where to start the gusset increases?”

Searching for an answer, I checked a few of my most trusted sock books with sections on toe up socks. I was disappointed; they were all very vague, eliciting that “the pattern would specify”, or, “about 3 inches less than desired sock length”. I have perfectionist leanings, so naturally, I wanted to know the exact length, or at least a formula or something. I hit the web + found several great tutorials + videos, but those too were ambiguous when it came to what I actually wanted to know. After that, I decided it was a conspiracy.

Eventually, I figured it out by myself, but there was still one thing bothering me about the whole business: Why didn’t those bloggers + authors explain the theory instead of just stating what you “should do”, or the “traditional way”? They don’t answer the “why” factor.

Thus my blog. Its purpose is simple: To empower knitters with knowledge (not just letting you know how to do the something, but why you should do something); to answer for you + maybe sometimes with you – why is something like it is? I hope it will help us both grow in our understanding of manipulating stitches + choosing the correct fibers.

I am a sock knitter, but this blog will not only be devoted to knitting socks, but all other types of things.


Josiah Bain (The Sock Monkey)

{{<<< Stay tuned for next week’s blog post; ‘Review: The Knitter’s Book of Socks.’>>>}}


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