Daydreamer Copyright Josiah Bain

{More photos at the end of the post}

This free pattern was the last one I queried to Knitty magazine. Unfortunately, it was lost in cyberspace, and I didn’t get it published. Here is the description I wrote for the pattern:

I was in a really horrible situation. My family and I were on a three-hour road trip last summer and I was bored. I really wanted to knit, but inspiration was not coming when I cast on. I was hot and tired and frustrated. I shoved my yarn into my bag and took out a piece of paper and my iPod, which I set on shuffle. After skipping several songs, I settled on a simple guitar rift and Adele’s down-to-earth crooning “Daydreamer.” I doodled, letting my mind meander, not really paying attention to what I was drawing. After the song was done, I was a bit more relaxed and open. I looked down at what I had drawn, and lo and behold! Inspiration struck, blindingly.

                The final product is what you see here. This well-conceived structure is set on a reverse stockinette canvas and is very visually appealing. It’s also a bit thicker, just in case winter isn’t all the way over where you live, or you are fearing one last cold spell before spring is finally here. For the best results, knit this in a semi-solid or solid color, so it doesn’t overwhelm the pattern. The socks are mirror images.

Daydreamer was inspired by one of my favorite songs by Adele, as stated above. The pattern is mainly composed of 2 stitch cables and set on a background of reverse stockinette. A lozenge frames a set of three diamonds – two larger and one smaller. The heel is a basic reinforced slipped stitch and, since there are more stitches to accommodate the cable draw-in, the gussets decrease the stitches that were increased – owing to the cables – for the leg on the smooth stockinette stitch sole, resulting in a very good fit. Since the leg is fairly long, I only worked a half-inch of 1×1 twisted stitch rib. The result is elegantly simple and very visually appealing.

So, without further ado, here’s Daydreamer.







  1. Thank-you for this beautiful sock pattern! I will be eagerly anticipating more posts. The knitting world is full of women, I am happy, though not surprised, to see a young man try a “feminine” skill and be successful at it. Bravo Josiah Bain!


  2. Great pattern Josiah! Just thinking about the previous comment, at one time to see men knitting was nothing strange. Whole families of crofters, in Scotland, would knit to provide income for the family. During the renaissance period, only men could join the knitting guilds.

    My dad was the person who taught me how to knit, not my mum.


    1. Thank you so much! That is so interesting. It’s strange how much whole societies and mindsets have changed when there was really nothing wrong with them in the first place. I’m so glad that you stopped by and commented on that. It means a lot to me! 🙂


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