knitting in circles.

Knitting in Circles | The Sock Monkey
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As a little kid, I would spent a very long time spinning around in circles outside. I would keep doing it, even though I was dizzy and tired, and I would feel detached from the rest of the world. Spinning around in circles is addictive. I’ve retired from spinning around in circles like a Whirling Dervish, and I have a more dignified occupation: I now knit around in circles.

Sometimes, when I’m on my own, I watch my hands knit. It’s hypnotic. All the way around to the starting point, then repeat. It’s a simple pattern, but it could be so much more. Maybe some lace. I should put a few purl columns there… No. Just a single purl line up the back. Knitting socks is my way of slowing down from school and life. To me, knitting in circles is my way of detaching from the rest of the world. A sort of therapy.

When you’re doing it the right way, time flies. It is not disappointing. It’s gratifying; time is well spent knitting in circles.


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