yarn and socks.

This week (knitting-wise) two things happened. Good news first.

I just received my first skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight in colour SporesDelicious, eh?

I’ll use it for my next design, which I hope to have completed soon, so stay tuned.

Next: the good but not-so-good news.

I finished my first pair of colourwork socks. (The Ravelry project page is here.)

One turned out really good!

Sneaky Argyle socks by Wendy D Johnson

The other one … Well, I’ve been working on them on and off since February, so I really don’t want to take it out.

Sneaky Argyle socks

So now I’m going to be all depressed and everything until I rip my whole sock out. (Take a look at that cuff. It starts out large and gets smaller all the way down. :/ I need more practise.)

Sneaky Argyle socksIMG_1774

But I’m pretty happy with the first sock!

 Sneaky Argyle socks

And, let’s face it: Good yarn makes poorly-made socks a whole lot tolerable!

Sneaky Argyle socks with Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight.

Now, you colourwork knitters are probably shaking your heads in disgust wondering what is it that’s wrong with me. I’m sorry. Colourwork is not my strong suite. But these socks will not be the end of my more-than-one-color endeavors! I’ve got my eye on a cardigan (which is very strange for me to say, because I think that all things that resemble sweaters are over-rated) that has a colourwork yoke …

#SherlockLives Cardi by Professor Fonz

So, if you more talented colourwork knitters would give me as many tips as you think I could possibly use, that would be greatly appreciated.





  1. I’ve only ever even attempted colorwork socks once, but it was suggested to me to knit them inside out. Worked okay for me. I never finished the socks though!


    1. Thank you for commenting! On the second sock (the horrible one), after my prospects were first looking dim, I started knitting them inside out. This is why they got smaller. 🙂 On reflection, I should have just started over.


  2. Thanks for the follow! I always struggle with constant tension when I first join in the second color, as yours looks at the top of the cuff. But it just took practice for me 🙂

    I try to knit with one color in each hand…but I often cheat!


  3. I fear that I have nothing to offer you from a colourwork standpoint. It’s a skill I tell myself I will learn and never do because something else always comes up. I even won a copy of “Teach Yourself Visually Color Knitting” at a Knitty Yarn Tasting once. So…someday! 🙂

    I have a single skein of STR Lightweight as well…but have yet to do anything with it. Her colours are wonderful.


    1. I had a hard time picking out which color to knit with; they’re all so beautiful! I have a bunch of sportweight yarn that I need to use up, so before I went to bed last night, I did up a chart and a rough draft for fingerless gloves–with colorwork. I’m hopeless. I told myself that I would take a little break, but …


      1. I have several more designs swimming in my head too, but I decided to try and knit some Christmas gifts first. I think I may stop that, though. Deadlines are really not my thing.

        I have a single skein of STR Mediumweight that I started to knit into a pair of socks and they were *huge*. So I clearly need to go down to a DK weight sock pattern if that’s going to work for me.

        I keep favouriting fingerless mitt patterns but then never knitting them. I was thinking of designing a few, but I keep going back to socks!


      2. Oh, I need to start on Christmas presents … I have no idea what I’m going to make everybody, because I don’t think that they want socks again for a third year.


      3. I don’t know…lots of people love socks, especially if they don’t make them themselves and more especially if they are the kind of gorgeous ones you knit.

        So far, the people in my life seem to like plainer ones like Petty Harbour, so I can crank them out faster!


      4. That is unusual. My problem is that I like not looking at a pattern. The constant checking (and double checking and triple checking!) slows me down, and is a huge part of why I gave up cross-stitching.

        My best friend knits insane cabled socks (a la Claire Ellen, Cookie A’s Stalagmite and the like)…makes my head spin 😛


      5. I know; I’m weird. I love the beauty of simple socks, but almost every time I try to knit one, I get bored with it. This does not happen every time, mind you. I’m going to buy yarn to knit Petty Harbour soon, and I’m determined to make them in a reasonable amount of time. 🙂


  4. I’d say, try to spread the stitches wide on the needle when doing the colourwork to make sure the floats at the back don’t pull the fabric in, and knit on needles long enough to do that. I’ve just knitted a cardigan with fair isle rabbits and i chose a cord too short, so despite stretching the stitches out it is still pulled in a tad. Looks better after blocking though!
    Good luck with the next colourwork socks, your patterns are lovely.


    1. I will be sure to try that. Thank you so much! I’ve got a pair of colourwork fingerless mittens in the works and they are turning out a lot better than the socks. Blocking them really helped; I wore them around the house all today. Thank you for the kind comment on my patterns–I have a lot of fun making them!
      PS: In the Winter issue of Knitty (Out in December), my new pattern will be released, so keep an eye out!
      Thank you again!

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    1. Thank you so much, R! Ms. Crowe certainly has a very unique and witty way of putting words–thank you for the recommendation! Also, thanks for commenting, I really love hearing from you!


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