// The Safe Lands trilogy.

Captives, book 1Outcasts, book 2Rebels, book 3






Publisher: Zondervan

A few weeks ago, my friend Jill Williamson released the last book in her first dystopian trilogy: The Safe Lands. She asked me to review it for her, and so I am, although I really should have written it when the book first came out. 🙂

The books follow three brothers living in a village in post-apocalyptic, plague-ravaged North America: Levi (the oldest; a hunter), Mason (a doctor), and Omar (an artist). Omar is a loner–he feels like he can’t fit in, and he doesn’t think that anyone likes him. In the first book, Captives, he gives his whole village to the Safe Lands (a enormous, walled city that harbours victims of the thin plague), in exchange for a title and money in the Safe Lands, where he thinks he will be safe and able to fit in.

Unfortunately, his plans don’t exactly work out. The villagers fight back when the Safe Lands officials come to take them away. The men of the village are killed and the women are taken to a pregnancy and birthing center; the Safe Lands are hoping that the uninfected villagers will birth uninfected children for them.

The first book follows the brothers around as Levi tries to find a way to escape, Mason makes a rash deal that he will find a cure for the thin plague, and Omar goes from happy to lonelier than he ever was before in the village.

And if I tell you anything else about the trilogy, I’ll end up giving you way too many spoilers.

If you like YA fiction, you’ll probably like this trilogy; just have the third book handy when you finish the second one, because it ends with a huge cliffhanger!

Thank you, Jill for writing really good books and giving me really good advice on writing and publishing. 🙂


And I’ll be back next week with an interview from a really talented designer, Rayna Curtis Fegan, so stay tuned!



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