almost there.

Almost there. | The Sock Monkey

Less than ten thousand words to go! (Well, if you examine the screenshot above, you’ll see that I have exactly 6,298 words left.)

I’m really excited about this. As I’m writing this thing, I can see that it’s easy to compare this writing thing to the main character of my novel.

(NOTE: I haven’t really told the plot of my novel to anyone, just because I want to write this without “What happens next” remarks, or other peoples’ opinions. I’ve done that before, and I find that it distracts me from the actual writing–so please forgive all of the vagueness in the next paragraphs.)

1) Her journey’s placed in front of her; should she take the invitation, or leave it?

I’ve had this happen to me several times. Should I write a novel, or am I a crappy writer? Should I actually invest this much time in writing something that probably won’t get published? (Most of the time, though, I just lose interest in writing, or I don’t schedule enough time for it.)

2) Well, as it turns out, she doesn’t have a choice. Her only option is to go one the journey, like it or not.

A few days before November 1st, my sister and I were talking, and I said that I would do NaNoWriMo. We were kind of goofing off, but I decided that I would actually do it. Before I had any time to change my mind, like I’d done many times before, I told my whole family that I was going to be doing it.

There was no backing out now, whether I liked it or not.

3) She’s taken to a new location, and she’s a little out-of-place. She doesn’t really know what to do.

And anyone who’s ever attempted to write anything knows that this is so true.

When you’re not writing, you have all of these great ideas. But when you sit down in front of the computer, open Word, and place your fingers on the keys, inspiration is so, so lacking.


In a new place, you really don’t know what to do. I thought that this writing thing wasn’t that new to me, but on my first day of NaNoWriMo–and every other day afterwards–I found myself taken to a new place every day.

4) One of her first real obstacles: Someone that she’s just met dies protecting her.

On the second week of writing, I almost quit.

I was writing. It was late at night. My eyes ached and I just couldn’t get what I wanted on the paper (excuse me–Word document).

Someone in my family said something that I took as a personal attack, and I got angry and deleted it.

Thankfully, a few hours later, I realised that I was so wrong, and restored it from the recycle bin.

(I can’t tell you how much I love that things do not delete entirely until you wipe the drive!)

4) After a time of second-guessing, she decides to continue on her journey and fulfill the dead person’s last wish.

I didn’t fulfill any dead peoples’ last wishes, but I did decide even harder that I would finish this thing.

5) After some more obstacles, something good finally happens to her.

I had many more obstacles, let me tell you, but I feel good that I’m actually getting this thing done.

6) She trusts somebody and they deceive her; she ends up trapped and alone, and bitter.

Okay, this hasn’t happened to me at all during this time, but there were plenty of times that I could’ve been bitter at people for criticizing what I was doing. I just had to shake it off and keep going.

7) Currently, where I stopped in the story today, she is faced with many options … and none of give a particularly clear picture of what is going to happen.

This is the last week of NaNoWriMo. I have no idea where I’m going to lead her in the story tomorrow. I can think of a ton of things right now, but I don’t think I’ll know what I’m going to do until I sit down and start writing.

I know that this is not the last week of writing for me, so this point is true for the long-term future as well as just tomorrow morning. There are so many things that I can write after I finish up this story. There are so many options that my life can take, and I can’t be sure exactly (really, I don’t have the vaguest idea, either) of where I’m going to go.

As I said up there, it is the last week of NaNoWriMo.

Right now, as I’m writing this, I feel something strange.

Is is excitement? Is it disappointment?

I feel bittersweet.


I think, as soon as this month is over, I’m going to be ready for the next step.



What do you think? Your comments are appreciated.

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