daydreamer #2.

I was never really happy with the way my first pattern’s .pdf file looked. I’d wanted to revise it for a while, but I got so busy with other patterns that I didn’t have time. Then, I saw that someone had added the pattern to their “Projects” page on Ravelry.

I clicked on it, and in the project description area, the lady that’s making them said that she was having some problems with the pattern. I opened my .pdf copy, and then I remembered that I’d wanted to revamp it for a while, so I decided that I would clear up the mistakes of the pattern and while I was at it, do a little bit more for the pattern’s layout.

The editing took a lot longer than I thought it would (I really thought that it was a pretty clean pattern when I published it …), and the .pdf file took about a day of designing and fixing until I was done.

In the earlier pattern, the charts were on a separate file than the pattern, but I put them in the pattern’s file for this new one.

So, here’s the pattern. Even if you don’t plan on knitting the socks, take a look at what I did with the .pdf; tell me what you think: what you like and don’t like about it.

DAYDREAMER (click for pattern download.)

Thank you!



(PS: Not too long now until the Winter ’14 issue of Knitty!)


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