I finished my Nurmilitu Shawl mid last week. Instead of doing grey stripes like I thought I would, I just kept with the blue, and I’m thoroughly pleased with how it turned out. I finished it in 4 days because it was all garter stitch, and I’m beginning to love knitting back and forth with nothing really fancy going on!

Spring is awake now. The garden and the trees around us are in bloom, and when I wake up every morning, I can hear the blackbirds outside my window.

Isn’t it just terrible news for us knitters?

We get to pack away out scarves and hats and sweaters and bulky yarns, and hibernate on the sweaters we’re in the middle of, just because sometimes, wool is just way too warm.

I’m thankful for my socks and HiKoo’s CoBaSi! 🙂

What do you knit in the spring/summer?

Back soon!


(And so ends one of the shortest posts in all of The Sock Monkey’s existence.)


12 thoughts on “nurmilintu.

  1. It is beautiful in just the blue! And wonderful photos as always. It is pretty cool all year where I live, so I knit the same things except during those couple weeks in August when it’s too hot to do anything at all! I think that my comment is longer than your post 😄


  2. Hmm…summer knits… My WIPs definitely don’t fall into that category right now! I have 2 sweaters going. But, my other WIPs are small.
    I have definitely been bitten by the sweater bug. 🙂


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