1: reality.

There is a great difference in the yarn that I would want to be, and the yarn that I probably would be if I was yarn. Maybe just like it is in real life.

If I could choose which yarn I was, the fleece probably would be from an organically-grown and consciously raised Cormo sheep on a small family-operated farm on the picturesque coast of Scotland, or Shetland, or something like that. I would be spun up in fingering weight and dyed in vats of plant dyes, and be shipped off all over the world to people appreciative of natural crafting.

Reality, though?

I’d probably be a long-stapled handspun rustic thick and thin sport-weight wool blended with acrylic, or some other unearthly material and coated in the plastic that makes washing wool in a washing machine without felting a reality. I’d be that skein of yarn in the back of every knitter’s stash–the one that they don’t want to toss (because it’s yarn, and nobody feels justified throwing that out, right?), but the one that they can’t bring themselves to use.

Or they might actually be thinking about knitting the scratchiest next-to-skin-wear knitted piece ever made in the know world to give to somebody they don’t like.

The truth is, I’m might be scratchy (grumpy and unfriendly) at first glance, but I think that with washing and wear , I can soften up and not be so bad.



  1. Hi. I love reading your blog and hearing your opinions, but in this case, I think you are wrong. You’re not just someone that people forget about, we remember you and hope you are doing well. If you’re an unused ball of yarn, it’s not because no one likes you, it’s because no one has yet found a pattern worthy.


      1. Of course I remember you! You’re hard to forget πŸ™‚ You have always been so kind to me, you deserve the same in return.


      2. I’m great! All of my friends are growing up, graduating, and getting married (I’m still a little girl!) but at least it gives me more opportunities to take pictures πŸ™‚ How are you?


      3. I can totally relate to that. It seems like all of my friends are way older than me and doing “grown-up” things. πŸ™‚ I’m fine. Drained, but fine. πŸ™‚


  2. This is interesting. I think I’d be a brightly coloured sock yarn with nylon. Not especially soft and fluffy, but quite useful for its intended purpose.


  3. I really think you ought to open up a yarn shop, everyone would be at your knowing, God, at least someone knows something about yarn, Great job


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