4: tools.

Today’s topic is about the tools that we use. I don’t have a knitting bag or a big box — I have something that is serviceable and economical: A pencil case.


My pencil case has two sides. The first side is where I hold my sock needles (sizes 000 to size 2, I believe), as you can see below. I have a vintage 6 inch ruler and a vintage mechanical pencil. In the far left bottom corner, I have a stack of hearts that my mother crocheted for me, and they add cheer to the somewhat technical case I carry. In the bottom center I have 4 yarn needles: a plastic one that I use for weaving in the ends in acrylic projects (fitting, eh?), two metal yarn needles, and another metal yarn needle that is pretty small. I use that one for grafting and weaving in the ends of my socks. In the last box I have a few scraps of yarn, perfect for using as markers, a color strander, and a length of yarn to use as a lifeline, in a pinch.



DCIM100SPORTIn the other side’s compartment, I keep my package of stitch markers, t-pins, safety scissors (they were the only ones that fit in there), a single point protector (I lost the other one), a tape measure, and some other various stitch markers.



DCIM100SPORTSo, that’s what I carry around all the time. It’s not a lot, but those tools are my essentials.

I’m sorry for the quality of the photos. I was using a different camcorder-thing that doesn’t take good close ups. I will try to get those pictures updated as soon as possible!


10 thoughts on “4: tools.

  1. Very nice my dear Mr. Bain! So many people waste money on fancy cases, I would much rather spend it on yarn! A pencil case is perfect, especially if you use bamboo double points! Those 0’s and 1’s break too easily to carry in a soft case. And the little hearts are just priceless. I have been thinking of you lately, I am knitting with yarn from your yarn desert, Palouse Yarn Company “I ❤ BFL” sock yarn from Moscow, Idaho! Keep making us proud of you my young friend Sock Monkey!


    1. Thank you so much for that kind comment! I can totally relate about those tiny dpns breaking. I only have one set of wooden ones, but even my metal ones have a tendency for bending. 😛 I have never heard of that yarn company, so I’m heading off there right now. Thank you so much for the recommendation! And I think that Moscow isn’t in the desert area of Idaho, but I’m not for sure. I’m terrible at geography! 🙂



  2. That is such a handy toolbox! I keep all of my tools in an old makeup pouch and I’m always searching and searching for what I need. A pencil case looks like a better choice. Thanks for sharing.


      1. I use a shoe box size plastic container with a lid for my current project with whatever supplies I need. I keep other supplies in other plastic boxes, not very organized though. There are certain supplies I keep out on my desk like stitch markers, scissors, a crochet hook and a ruler that I may use more often. I like the pencil box idea as it has different sections.

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      1. I’m the same. I have used the same brand of needles that you show in your pictures, and found them to be quite hard on my hands. My favourites are the Knit Pro Symphonie (the wooden ones).


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