5: balancing.

Eskimimi’s challenge for today is to blog in a different way than you’ve ever done before. So, I wrote up a blog post. I added captions if you cannot read my handwriting. ๐Ÿ™‚

Balancing school and my career is a continual challenge.
My dilemma is simple:
I like to knit.
I don’t like homework.
Let’s just say that sometimes, I get distracted.
There are times (in the case of English or trigonometry) when I like to do homework.
But I always like knitting better.
Always. No exceptions.


I know I should apply myself more. And I have been. But I’m talking about even MORE. I’m in the 90th percentile. I have a summa cum laude (or however that works). I REALLY want the MAGNA cum laude.
That’s been my life-long goal. (Since a month ago, that is.)
But the siren-call of knitting keeps on pulling me back.
I think that there are only 2 ways to deal with my conundrum. 1: Pack my knitting things away in multiple totes. OR 2: Schedule out my time aggressively.


Well, I guess that there is a 3rd option. I could always give up school ALTOGETHER. I don’t think that my mom would like that, though.
I’ll let you guess as to which option I’m taking.



8 thoughts on “5: balancing.

  1. Adulting and knitting…….::sigh:: Sometimes, I’d like to lock my children out of the bathroom for a half hour so I can cast on a sock in peace. I’ve not done it but there are some days I’d really like to. And then there are days like today where the baby is asleep, the boy is out with his daddy, and I’m waiting on laundry….and dinking around online (instead of knitting). Oh well.


  2. Josiah, I am the recipient of the gray pair of socks you just knit for my birthday!! What a great present! You are a FANTASTIC KNITTER and extremely talented. I’m a tad bit jealous that I live out of state…I’d love some lessons! Thank you for your talents and time! I’ll think of you every time I wear my socks!


    1. Thank you Ms. Cooper! I’m so glad that you like them! Your comment was appreciate so much and you have made my day. And if you like the looks of knitting, I’d recommend going to a local yarn store and seeing about classes. It is so worth it!

      Thank you again!


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