7: Spaces.

The reason for me not finishing Eskimimi’s Blog Week challenge last week is because of that camera problem. The camera that I use (which actually belongs to my mother) ran out of batteries and we did not have any AAs in stock.

The last Blog Week topic is about where you create. Where you spend time knitting or crocheting.

I’d have to say that my space (besides the last table in the corner to the left on the top floor of the library each Friday) would have to be my bedroom, which is versatile in that way.

My room is on the smaller side (which is fine, as I do not take up very much space) and it is on the corner of our house. The two outside walls are lined with windows. I like how it provides natural light and the feeling of airiness during the day, although in the night while I’m trying to sleep, the lights of the baseball stadium a block from the house are really bright.

In the midst of designing something, like I am right now, I have my papers and needles and yarn strewn out on my bed for easy access.

Various papers (including a Sadelma pattern for the KAL) and a new sock pattern being knitted up


My iPod and its engraving
Untitled Design pattern notes
More pattern notes and a super-secret finished pattern sent off to Knitty!
Josiah’s Big Book of Charts
Knitting case, interchangeables, and the dictionary
Quilt made by my grandma
The New Design (obscured on purpose)
The wall.
My newest venture
My newest venture

To everyone who has followed these posts, thank you. I have enjoyed writing them!



6 thoughts on “7: Spaces.

  1. Josiah, have you considered getting Really Thick curtains (drapes) or a blackout blind for your bedroom, to keep out the lights across the road?

    We have a lamppost almost outside our bedroom window and we find that lined velvet curtains are really dark making and conducive to sleep. Particularly if they have a good overlap around the window including at the top!


    1. Sharon, thank you so much for your helpful suggestion! The windows in my room are quite small and they’re kind of fiddly, so I put up an old sheet last night and that really cut the light filtering into my room quite a bit.


      1. If your bedroom windows are really small, have you considered knitting blinds/drapes/something to put over them?

        Something in acrylic – for lightness of weight. Something dark coloured and at a fairly tight gauge – so that it blocks the light efficiently. Or might that just be a totally silly idea?


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