More KAL Things.

I know that you’re probably tired of hearing about the KAL in progress, but I just wanted to share some of the projects that have been completed so far.

Cupani knit her Kottarainen in a Bamboo/cotton blend.


Pokdej knit Nurmilintu out of January Yarns, a yarn that I really would like to try.


And I have started on Eyeblink … but it is going very slowly. I’ve got a few designs in progress that are very time-consuming.

With that said, I must return to … swatching


2 thoughts on “More KAL Things.

  1. Those two shawls look marvellous!

    I’ve only recently come to knitting swatches. The most recent cardigan I duly knit the swatch for, washed and dried it. w00t! It fit what the pattern ordered.

    What it didn’t demonstrate was the way that, after a long bout of knitting, the yarn leaves my fingers with a distinctly blue-ish tinge. Fortunately it washes off and I don’t look like I’ve spent too long with an indigo dye-bath.

    Tried rubbing my (clean) hands with the swatch. No colour change. I shall definitely be washing this cardigan before I wear it!


    1. Sharon: Thanks for your nice comment! I’m really sorry about your unfortunate yarn incident; it can be very frustrating and I hope that your cardigan doesn’t bleed with time! I have become a recent convert to swatch knitting, as I’m a designer now, and you kind of need to do that! To make that process easier, I listen to episode 1 of on repeat; it is Pam Allen and Hannah Fettig’s episode on gauge and swatching and it has become sort of a mantra for me, in a way. 🙂 And don’t you just love it when the gauge fits perfectly?

      I hope you have success in all of your knitting ventures!


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