the plan.

There is something that I have been avoiding for a few weeks now. And this something is terrible, if you ask me.

Let me provide the details.

When I was in my single-digit years, I picked things up really quickly, and then I would just lose interest. For example: At one time, I was skilled at twisting long balloons into dogs, mice, swords, cats, hats, and many other shapes. I would sit out at the edge of our booth at the Farmers’ Market, and charge the people who were interested 25 cents for one balloon animal. I earned pretty good money, too. In this way, I saved up for my fourth hamster (don’t ask about the other ones; every experience I’ve had with keeping those little rodents has ended in tragedy) and I could provide its food and supplements by myself that way.

Then one day, I wasn’t interested in tying balloons any longer.

So I stopped, and I haven’t really touched a balloon since I turned eleven.

I tied decorative knots for a while.

I wrote poetry. (Don’t ask about that, either.)

I wrote prose. (Or that.)

I was interested in carpentry.

And in boring, run-of-the-mill epic fantasy novels with no real distinction between the one that I was reading and the one I’d just finished.

At one time, I thought I could be an illustrator.

An illustrator!


So the point of all of that is that I’ve lost my knit designing pizzazz.

I think it will be back.

I hope that it will be back.

I’m pretty sure that it will come back. I’ve been working much too hard on it and I’m burning out. I’ve decided that I’ll be knitting monogamously from now until I get tired of it. (Really committed there, eh, Josiah?) There are just too many things that I need to design and there are too many patterns that are coming out, and I need to find a balance.

My goal:
To design one pattern (maybe even knit a prototype) at a time.

After each pattern designed (unless I’m having a creative streak), I’ll be alright with starting and finishing ONE project.
And then, the process will start again.

As soon as I finish up the things that I’m currently working on (Eyeblink, Vanilla Toddler socks for my little sister, Shaun the Sheep, and anything else that I’m missing), I’ll enforce this rule for myself.

As well as the projects that are listed above, I’m knitting version 2 of a new sock design. I’m glad that I’m knitting this one twice; it was slightly difficult to write up, mainly because of the patterning, and knitting from the written up draft is helping me clean up the pattern. I’m excited about this one. It only has a few major design elements, but the way those elements are put together? Those simple stitches turn into a complex and interesting knit. The finished sock is stunning, to top it off. 🙂

I knit the first pair out of Cedar House Yarns’s Sapling Sock (in color Oyster), which you might remember that I got in Bellingham, WA, at Apple Yarns. I think that this version is the one that will be featured in the pattern.

Cedar Yarn House Sapling SockThe second version is knit out of the one and only …


I have never worked with Madelinetosh before, and now I’m beginning to see why there are so many Tosh fans out there. I’m using the aptly named “Sock” base, which is 100% Merino, and it feels like it has cashmere or some other down/undercoat fiber in it. It’s luxurious. This colorway is Antique Lace.IMG_4112 IMG_4109But The Plan and Madelinetosh aren’t the highest points of my week.

There is a sock that I’ve been knitting on for a long time. And I’m happy to report that I’m finished with them.

I think that these are my absolute favorites.

Here, folks, are my Sake socks.

IMG_4134 IMG_4141 IMG_4136

Ah. I love finishing things, don’t you?


Happy Canada day, all you who live there! (Canada is REALLY big!) (If you didn’t get that reference, don’t worry.)

See you soon.


32 thoughts on “the plan.

  1. I think you are quite amazing for someone of such tender years ( and I say that in a nice way!) I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself- I certainly haven’t achieved what you have and I’m way older than you!


    1. Thank you Tracy! I appreciate the encouragement; it is good that knitters are so supportive! I’m regaining confidence with design, so that’s good. But the new Brooklyn Tweed collection! Ugh. To many things to knit. 🙂


  2. It’s okay if you have a dry spell with your designing mojo. It’s good to just knit without deadlines sometimes. It’ll be okay whatever path you take.


    1. Thank you for that, Sarah. I’m just beginning to realize that I don’t have to jump into every opportunity that comes my way because I’m still young and I’m not going anywhere, you know?

      By the way, I’ve been trying to catch up on your podcast. I can never stay caught up with videocasts, so I’m only on episode 4. :/ I do love your project bags, too! I’m eying the Marvel bag … we’ll see. It sounded like you had a great time in Norway! I want to go now.


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  3. I go back and forth with designing, too. I think it’s kind of….well, dare I say it, normal? I have a notebook (okay, I have several notebooks) with notes for potential designs, drawings, stitch charts, notes on where to find stitch patterns I liked and what I wanted to do with them. Once in awhile, when something sparks, I go back to my notes and see if anything stands out.

    My first “professional” design is being published in October and it’s for a prototype that I started about two years ago…then I had lots of random notes and scribbles and finally, I wrote the pattern. I’m working on a new one (okay, a couple new ones but one in particular)…I imagine I’ll write it up and publish it eventually. But it may come as a pair and then I’ll have to wait until I do the other prototype…

    And then there are all the other things I want to knit (my Ravelry queue is rather out of control right now).

    Also, I can’t do monogamous knitting. I tried it and it just doesn’t work too well for me.


    1. Renee: It is good to know that I’m not the only one who hoards graph paper notebooks for inspiration! That’s great about your design! I can’t wait to see it published! I think that I’ll probably dance like Snoopy when I see it on Ravelry.



      1. It was strange getting my payment for the design because I kept thinking, “Wow, someone paid me to do this?!” It was then followed by, “I think I could get used to this.”

        I have an obscene cubby in my closet filled with notebooks of various sizes, half of which are graph paper of some sort, and a couple that are dot grid. I may or may not have a problem 🙂


  4. Those red socks are fabulous! The number of items that could be knitted is already so large (without me being super creative like you and designing things too) that it can be quite overwhelming at times. It’s enough to scare off anyone’s mojo for a while.


  5. Hope your design mojo returns soon. As for knitting monogamously . . . You just have to have at least two projects on the go. One in more or less plain stocking stitch and one more complicated/detailed. Then when you start making too many mistakes in the complicated one you can change to the plain vanilla and rest a while.

    Which reminds me, I really must get on with my Curry socks. I’m in hiatus with the first one at the heel, third decrease thingy if you want to know. I’ve since had the update instructions so maybe . . . But there’s the turquoise cardigan (detailed) and another dark purple (such a mistake) simpler sock to finish as well.

    Have a good July 4th!


    1. Sharon! I did have a good July 4th, which is why I haven’t replied to your comment sooner. 🙂 I’m finding that two projects is a happy medium. I think I’ll start a bigger project (I’m eying Chicane by Cookie A or Harvest by tincanknits) for my on-the-go project, with the design project the second one. Do you generally have two projects on the needles at a time? I don’t have a knitting community outside of Ravelry and the blog, so I like to see what kind of compromise people make with their projects. And I’m going to be designing another sock pattern soon, and you and all of the other knitters who purchased Curry will get it for free. 🙂



      1. Do I generally have two projects on the needles at the same time? Yes.

        That way I can knit on a jumper or cardigan, and knit on a sock for a change in scale/weight/speed of progress. Or even the temperature that day/evening.

        However at a recent count I found I had:- one cardigan in progress,
        one cardigan in hiatus due to trying to decide quite what size the top needs to be,
        another cardigan in hiatus for a few years (oops!)
        one pair of socks, own design
        one pair of socks, own design, in hiatus – two colours and not really TV knitting,
        one pair of Curry socks in hiatus – trying to turn the Sweet Tomato heel!

        Oh yes, and an afghan for my daughter – garter stitch squares in chunky yarn.

        Hmmm, think I ought to finish a few projects! Looking forward to your new sock pattern!


      2. Are you on Ravelry at all? I would like to see these projects. 🙂

        I’ve been trying to convince myself to start a sweater. If I start it now, it should be done by the time it needs to be worn. Do you have any advice on sweater knitting?

        And am looking forward to YOUR sock patterns. Let me know when they’re, alright? 🙂


      3. Thanks in advance for the new sock pattern. Looking forward to it.

        No, I’m not on Ravelry. Don’t think I’m that much of a knitter really, and the taking and posting of pictures is a bit too much of a faff at present!

        The turquoise cardigan is a variant on the Petal cardigan in Knitty – spring/summer 2012, if you want to see something like it. I’ve knit longer sleeves, about halfway down my forearm, cos short-sleeved cardigans are not much use in an English summer.

        As for sweater knitting – knit it in the round, either way. Wait til it gets a bit cooler, knit in the round means you’ll have a lot of woolly goodness in your lap! Ummm, otherwise enjoy.

        And yes, I’ll let you know about my sock patterns. Eventually. Thanks for the interest. (smiley face – I’m not up to this!)


      4. Well, I do think that you are a stupendous knitter! If you ever sign up, be sure and drop me a note, alright? I love the lace in that cardigan! It is very elegant. 🙂 And I do believe that you’ll have success with your patterns, so don’t doubt yourself!


  6. Your Sake socks are great, Josiah! I go in these one-at-a-time streaks from time to time as well. Just go with the flow…


  7. Yeah, don’t stress out too much about losing your designing mojo. As long as you’re still enjoying knitting itself, that’s the key. The designing will come, there’s no need to force yourself. And it’s also the knitting summer slump season, so that might be a part of it, too.

    Your Sake socks are gorgeous, by the way. I saw them on Ravelry and my jaw dropped. That color was the perfect choice.


  8. I’m in a knitting dry spell too. It sounds like we’re a bit similar in that way. I have way too many hobbies and I abandon them for months at a time and constantly find new things that I want to learn…


      1. Sorry I just saw this. I haven’t really got it back yet. I just finished a baby hat. It took me a few weeks when it normally should have taken a few days. The key for me is always inspiration. A new idea or a new challenge. I don’t know if I’ll ever be as passionate about knitting as I was because I was learning. I always jump right in when I’m learning, but once I’m comfortable in my knowledge of it I get a bit bored and look for something new.

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  9. I am eager to see your new sock design. I’m working on a new sock design myself and have a shawl that I’m poking around with.


    1. Thanks, Lisa! I’m excited to show it to everyone, although it might be quite a while; 2016 at the very earliest. :/ Shawls are really hard to design … I look forward to seeing what you come up with! 🙂


  10. Ahh! I know how you feel! I’m totally a typical gemini; wishy-washy and always running to the next fun thing. I feel like I’ve thought of at least ten more ideas before I’ve even started the first.

    Don’t let it get you down! Just enjoy whatever you find yourself doing next! 🙂


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