I just wanted to write a quick post, to give you a sort of update on the designing thing. There are a few patterns that will be coming out soon, and I am really excited about them.

First: I’m collaborating with Jenn from Cedar House Yarns on a design that will be released in October (we think). I’m going to run a promo on this one if you’re going to knit the project in Jenn’s lovely yarn, so start looking now! πŸ™‚

Next: My pattern for Mandie Harrington’s Middle Earth Yarn club with be coming out. I don’t think I’m free to say which month it is, so stay tuned. I just started knitting up the sample, and Wow! They’ll keep you on your toes!

And then, maybe next year or so, I’m collaborating with a dyer that many of you know and love: Andi from the AndreSueKnits blog, podcast, and shop. (If you want to hear more about the collaboration, watch her podcast episode here.) It’s been really fun to work with her, and I’m inspired every time I look at her Etsy shop. I think that a pair of socks in the Cosmo Clusters colorway is in my horizon. πŸ™‚

Life is really busy right now. Which explains why this post is so short. I really want to talk about some things that I’m knitting, like my Geek socks (out of a colorway called Baker Street–really geeky, I know. But I’m fine with that), or that 6-and-a-half foot Eyeblink shawl, but I need to get back to other things.


Thanks for reading this minipost!

See you soon.



  1. I like the mini post/sneak peaks. Your Felici looks a lot nicer than other pictures I have seen, does it seem muted in person? I have heard some people remark that the colorway is almost more pastel than anything. Best of luck on the new socks!


    1. Thank you! I tried to capture the exact colors in that photo, so they should be pretty close. The color changes aren’t all that noticeable sometimes, such as when it transitions from light brown to silver, of silver to cream, but other than that I really like the colors, and I know that I’m going to wear them a ton. πŸ™‚


  2. So here’s a random question for you……I’m one of those designer types that has an idea, then I knit it, then I write it (and honestly, the reason the design process takes me so long is because I’m a slow knitter and have far too many projects going at once). Do you write first, then sort of…..test knit the design? Or a combination or, depending what it is, have a preference or….? I’m just curious.


    1. I usually write like the cuff and the chart, and then I’ll knit it. After some serious sketching of course. I’d be lost without my sketches! But I can’t write the whole pattern out before knitting it, no way. πŸ™‚


      1. I should probably clarify all that. I go digging through all the stitch dictionaries, find something I like, and dive in. If there’s a chart (and there usually is), I have that written down somewhere as well as all my other “general” directions…..of course, this only works on socks so far. I know my ribbing, I know my heel & turn, I know the decreases…the only thing that changes is the stitch pattern.

        I suppose I kind of do a combination of writing and knitting if it’s an odd stitch count for socks or something like that….but even then, it’s fill-in-the-blank.


      2. I’ve only recently discovered stitch dictionaries, and even then, I try to come up with my own thing before I consult them. Even if it what I came up with isn’t original, I still feel better when I do that. And if nothing is forthcoming, I’ll look at the stitch dictionaries for inspiration.

        In my (albeit limited) design experience, for my designs, many things change as I go along; maybe I’ll even end up with a whole other stitch pattern towards the end of the project. Of course, there is the few times when I actually can do the whole vague written pattern thing, but that is really rare. It’s probably because I don’t have much experience with knit design yet, but I’m hoping that that will change in the future. πŸ™‚


  3. Wow, you are going to be working with some exciting yarns! Those Middle Earth colours are superbly authentic. I’m looking forward to seeing what you make of the Geeks. πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks, Wei! I’m thouroughly enjoying them; the first one is finished, and I love the way the afterthought heel fits. One thing though that you might take up with Kate Atherley: The length to knit before starting the toe doesn’t include the length of the heel. :/


      1. Yeah; I’d never done an afterthought heel before, and so I played around with it a little before I started my toe. And I was a little surprised that the heel adds length that isn’t mentioned in the pattern. πŸ™‚ Great design, and I love them!


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