The past few weeks have been fairly slow/relatively busy. They’ve been full of school-related activities/work and more knitting/designing.

I though that I would share a few of the things I have worked on recently to wrap up my May posts. I’m going overseas the first couple weeks in June, so I shall be in monk mode until I get back.


1: My Ravelry page says that I’ve had these TARDIS mittens in progress since — let me check — (oh, wow) 29, November, 2015. I’m thinking about ripping the second mitten out because the first one’s a little bigger, and just the right size for my hands. That, and because my little brother who is three tried to help me out with knitting them while I was gone for the day. I’m beginning to get used to working colorwork in fingering weight yarn, but I am not going to even attempt picking the dropped stitches because I’m sure if I do, it will not be successful.


2: I casted on the Offshore V-neck sweater by Bristol Ivy in (checking Ravelry again) sometime in the first week of April with Quince and Co. Lark. I love it so far! The only problem will be deciding if I’m going to have enough yarn before I need more, if I need more.


3: I started a mini-KAL for Fine Things for Plain Occasions by Hunter Hammersen a couple months ago, and every one who was knitting along with me have finished. It goes without saying that I haven’t finished. I am going to rip them back because the socks are two different sizes and that’s not alright.


4: The Liquid Honey shawl by Amy van de Laar is sitting there until I get around to ripping back so that I will have enough yarn to finish it.

I don’t want to talk about it right now.


5: swatches. I have a whole drawer of swatches that is getting alarmingly full, but these are the ones that you’ll be seeing in knitwear shortly. (Read: within a couple years …)

Also, my cat, Tom Kitten, turned 11 (which is about 60 in cat years) a few weeks ago. I will not apologize for unabashedly dumping all these cat photos here. You like cats, right? Right? RIGHT?!?!



When my little brother was one or so, he was scared of Tom. It was so funny to watch him trying to get away from him when Tom just walked up and parked himself on his lap. Now, Tom can’t escape from him, and I’m afraid me and the cat will be the same way: death from an-overly busy toddler.


Tom and Fred. Unfortunately, Fred passed on exactly 7 years ago. We still miss him every day.


Like I said, I will not be online whatsoever the first part of June, but when I get back I am hoping to do a post or two about my trip, and then do a new blog series about knit design. I think it will give me some incentive to be more productive if I’m showing you what I’m designing.

Thank you for your reception to my new pattern, Gyre, and your support during my disconnected ramblings on creativity. I cannot begin to tell you how in awe I am about the kindness of this community.



22 thoughts on “assorted.

  1. Your cat is as big as your brother! That’s adorable. πŸ™‚ Even though you don’t want to talk about it, your shawl looks lovely so far. I am a little bit biased, I really like yellow. (I might even say it’s my favorite color, but I’m terribly indecisive about these things. What makes one color better than another? That’s so unfair.)


    1. I think they’re about the same size now. :p That was taken when he was a year or two old.

      And … I thought green was your favorite color … πŸ˜€ (Also, just because you said you liked it, I’m starting it again.)


      1. That’s still adorable. I’m mourning my cat at the moment, so I’m going to live vicariously through you with your cat pictures. πŸ™‚

        Did you read my comment? I can’t make a decision! :p Yes, I say it’s green. But I can’t wear green. I look much better in yellow. I think I can stick with that, at least at the moment. πŸ™‚ (I’m honored. ☺️)


  2. Nope. Not a cat person. Dog person. It probably doesn’t help that I’m allergic to cats in the first place (though a few of the local outdoor/indoor kitties have claimed me as one of their people – which I’ve been okay with because they’re sweet and don’t try to claw up my leg every chance they get).

    With that said, I love that you were making Tardis mittens. I’ve had them in my queue for awhile and I’ve just not done them….I have no big use for mittens. ::sigh::


    1. 😦 😦 I love cats, and I’m so sorry that you’re allergic. 😦 😦

      (Also, how do you as a knitter survive in Southern California? I am pretty sure I would die there. :p)


  3. I’m glad I’m not the only person with more than one thing not finished …

    I love the cat pictures – what a sweet looking kitty! Please give him a birthday kiss from me.

    Have a wonderful trip and enjoy being unplugged. πŸ™‚


  4. Love the TARDIS mitts! I think the issues you’re experiencing with gauge will improve as time progresses (I sometimes forget you haven’t been knitting forever because you’re so good at it!). But that doesn’t make it any less frustrating now, I know.

    Also, Tom is a very handsome cat, and he looks well aware of his own importance in that way that only cats can. I hope he had a happy birthday. My Sammy-cat is 11, and has recently rediscovered toys. He does not have the gravitas of your Tom.


    1. Thank you for that encouragement, Caitlin! Your cats are fabulous; I loved seeing them on my instagram feed before this hiatus. :p

      (Do not let his posing for photos fool you; he is the silliest cat I’ve ever met. Especially when catnip is involved. :p)


    1. Thank you, Wei! I about ready to begin the sleeves, and that is always a fun moment. I love your ginger cat! They are absolutely the best animal (besides sheep) on the face of the planet. πŸ™‚


  5. What a magnificent looking allergen, sorry, cat. The Tardis mittens look interesting too.

    Err, ever thought you might have too many projects on the go at once? I find two or three, max, seem to work. Any more than that and one ends up languishing in a project bag. Hmmm, seem to recall I have a couple like that at the moment!

    And I hear that sewing your swatches together can result in an almost instant blanket.

    Enjoy your trip!


  6. I stumbled upon your blog through random internet clicks and I just wanted to let you know that your eye for composition is fantastic. The look and feel of your photography/knitting/blog is sleek and clever. I look forward to seeing more of your knit designs!


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