I last posted on my blog over a month ago.  It isn’t because I was taking a break from blogging, just because I don’t think I really had anything to say.  I started quite a few new posts within that time, but none of them have been finished, and I think publishing unfinished blog posts is generally frowned upon among those in the blogging community and those who read blogs.

But here’s something I’m excited about, finally. Within this month (during the time I was supposed to be using to design new sock patterns), I reformatted most of the patterns in the current tsm. catalogue (I said it like that because it makes me feel official), and I’m thrilled with the result.


You can find Gyre for free on Ravelry!


The font’s larger, the style is more cohesive, and the charts are crisper and larger.

You can probably tell that there’s a pattern missing. I’m doing a complete re-release of Taj that’ll be out in the near future.  Using the time in which I’m supposed to work on conceptual sock design.  Which is much less fun that pattern layout design.




What do you think? Your comments are appreciated.

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