After my pattern, Tauriel, was published in the Winter 2014 issue of Knitty, I received a lot of traffic both to my blog and patterns on Ravelry. Unfortunately, with more visibility, not only the people who adore you, or are at least willing to keep quiet about not liking you, see your work. People who … More criticism.

nurturing creativity.

Gaining inspiration is a hard subject to give advice — or even to receive advice — on. Based on the conversations with creative people I’ve had, one person gets inspiration from something completely opposite from the last person I talked to, so I don’t want to speak to how you should find inspiration. Instead, this … More nurturing creativity.


As creative folks, sometimes we just think that we don’t have it in us. It isn’t that we’re depressed poets or artists that revel in suffering (and if you are, there is a better way!), and it isn’t necessarily that we’ve been rejected or have received harsh criticism. Sometimes we look at those podcasters, authors, … More boundaries.