I don’t think I quite meant there to be a three-month silence here, on this blog.  The truth is, I have not really done anything interesting these past couple months.  Mostly, I’ve been working on school.  I may have read a few books.  I definitely tried to do NaNoWriMo again earlier this month, but now … More things.


We went camping last week. The only really terrible part was when our car broke down the day we were supposed to leave and we had to stay an extra day while we waited to be rescued, which took until midnight or thereabouts on Saturday. Here are some photos from our trip.       … More camping.

little: honey shawl.

Due to some motivation by one of my blog readers, this is now finished. The pattern is Honey Shawl by Amy van de Laar, and can be found in the Spring/Summer 2016 issue of Knitty.  The yarn was dyed by a yarn shop owner in a tiny town in Idaho, near the Oregon border.


The past few weeks have been fairly slow/relatively busy. They’ve been full of school-related activities/work and more knitting/designing. I though that I would share a few of the things I have worked on recently to wrap up my May posts. I’m going overseas the first couple weeks in June, so I shall be in monk … More assorted.


I have long admired Wei Siew’s Sustain the Sea initiative; a collection of patterns from indie designers with a goal to promote awareness and change concerning the harmful practices being employed in the oceans and seas. I’d forgotten about this pattern that I designed last year, but when I found the sample socks in a … More gyre.