I have long admired Wei Siew’s Sustain the Sea initiative; a collection of patterns from indie designers with a goal to promote awareness and change concerning the harmful practices being employed in the oceans and seas. I’d forgotten about this pattern that I designed last year, but when I found the sample socks in a … More gyre.


I have never been happy with the Curry socks that I published this past March. I keep telling myself that I’ll re-knit the sample with a ribbed cuff and a less abrasive color, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’ve had all of these ideas for new patterns in my head, so instead of knitting the … More taj.


Sometimes, you spend a lot of time coming up with different ideas for a single design. That could take days, weeks, or even months. Then, after you try to execute your complex scribblings, you return to your first concept, refine it a bit, and in a week or so, you’ve got a sock that’s ready … More meduseld.

gearing up.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the feeling that gearing up to release a pattern brings. Excitement. Nervousness. Fear. Joy. Being sort of burnt-out from staring at a screen and conversing with your tech editor about things you need to deal with but really don’t want to. Trying to get everything perfect. Monday, September … More gearing up.

[title goes here.]

The following is a quick post having to do with finished objects and queue additions. If you only read cohesive posts (not ones written when there are many other things on the author’s mind), or prefer not to have your list of things to knit grow longer, please do not read this. Thank you. The … More [title goes here.]

the plan.

There is something that I have been avoiding for a few weeks now. And this something is terrible, if you ask me. Let me provide the details. When I was in my single-digit years, I picked things up really quickly, and then I would just lose interest. For example: At one time, I was skilled … More the plan.

2: beginnings.

This day’s post is supposed to be about the blogger, in this case, me. What do I say about myself? I don’t know. I guess that one of the most obvious aspects in my life at the moment is the thing that this blog is centered around. I really love knitting. The knitting obsession started … More 2: beginnings.


Ravelry: Curry socks This pattern has been the longest sock pattern for me to design. I’ve been working on this one ever since June of last year. And I have a really good reason why I’ve been working on it so long. This is my first paid-pattern. Instead of keeping the money that I make, … More curry.

the end.

So, I hope you had a great Christmas. I definitely did. As you know, I made all of my Christmas presents this year (I’m not finished with a few: I’m frogging my Petty Harbour socks; I’m just starting the second Hundred-Acre Wood sock; I didn’t even make my little brother and dad anything, so I … More the end.


If you’re anything like me, you are ready for the last Hobbit movie to come out … and you’re surprised that it’s been this long since the first one came out … and you’re sad: This is the last time Middle Earth will be on the big screen. (Unless, of course, they make the Sil, … More tauriel.